I Will Conquer The Principles

For most of us, life is a series of overwhelming challenges. This often ranges from brief hard times to a long stroke of unbearable lousy luck. Despite the duration or the intensity, if those hard times find you when you're already at your lowest point, then breaking is nearly inevitable. But there's a way to turn your life around. Suffering from mental illnesses and becoming an unemployed, disabled person for ten years put me at the lowest point in my life. It would be easy to give up and give in, but fortunately, I learned a few principles that give me the power to be extraordinary from my new and improved perspective. Now that I recovered from being physically and mentally sick. It is my opportunity to test out my theory myself. I will re-invent myself and achieve my dreams despite whatever obstacles I face. I know how it is when your dark moments threaten to consume you. I want to show how to overcome hardship and shine brighter than ever. Nothing motivates. I genuinely wha